Sewing My Life Together

It’s slow going this summer….

Over the winter, I did not have much time to sew or create. I thought I’d be eager to get started once again, but, alas, that is not the case. I am not feeling creative, so last week I just started piecing. I am just about finished with that (and although I have a couple more quilt tops to put together with backing and batting, I am not finding that very interesting either). I feel ‘done’ with beach scenes and landscapes, and at a loss for what else to try.  So I looked up online for some new classes, and I found a few on Craftsy to see if I can spur my interest this summer. (

For one class, (“Stupendous Stitching), the teacher asks us to make a “Stitch Bible”. This is a methodical method of practicing EVERY single stitch option on the machine you own. For those people who have high-end machines with computers, that’s a LOT of potential stitches. For me, it might be 30 or 40 different stitches. I started it late last night. (

Another place where I look for new ideas is the Academy Of Quilting. They have a lot of free classes, which is better than even the inexpensive Craftsy classes. ( However, I have three planned for this summer at Craftsy so I won’t be adding a new one!

I also looked at The Cambridge Quilt Shop for their courses at their store, which is very close to my house. Usually they have a lot going on in the summer but not this summer. I do like the online classes, but I also like the small groups at the Cambridge Quilt Shop. (

So maybe I will gain a new enthusiasm in the next month or two. We’ll have to see!




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