Sewing My Life Together

Long Time Gone

Well, I don’t have a book to promote or anything to sell, and I had few responses in the long ago past to my blog so I let it go unattended.

But as I move out of the depths of winter, from the depths of a gray, rainy and gloomy spring, into sunlight and warmth and joyous days, I realized there were a few things I wanted to say and do. There is magic in sewing!

It’s the end of the school year and work has been crazy (I work with children with autism in a public school district), and I have been half-heartedly making cute things:



Little wristlets, by the way, from a pattern I downloaded from a free sewing site.

But I came home from work one late afternoon all “abuzz”: my nerves frazzled, my head spinning, and I did not want to have to think so hard about seams and measuring.

And I realized exactly what I needed: Piecing! Mindless, careful piecing!

And luckily I had 42 5″ “Strawberry Fields”pre cuts,- as well as 36 5” muslin pre-cuts (see, this is the magic of buying more things than you know what to do with: one day you can decide to piece and you’ll have everything you need). (Except for a pattern, binding, and backing, but hey, it was piecing that I needed!).

And so blissfully, I organized and pieced for a while.

It was just what  the doctor ordered!piecing



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