Sewing My Life Together

Spring Cleaning

I hate cleaning, and I put it off as long as possible. However, I like sorting fabric, measuring, smoothing, and storing.

So this is what I did Saturday.

Pile 1Pile2Pile3My objective wasn’t to create a perfectly organized sewing space. That is never my objective, because I have no idea how to do that. I am clearly organized when it comes to my work, my consulting, my planning and preparing. But household stuff? I have no design skills whatsoever. And mostly I do not even notice what colors the curtains are or if there is dust on the floor anywhere. I can walk around piles of dust and papers for months. I wish I had a bigger “Cleanliness” gene, so that I might clean a little everyday instead of letting it pile up.

But that is another topic.  (One that I may devote to another blog post)

So I started emptying piles, boxes, drawers and such onto the bed, the floor, the chair, and my sewing table. And as I surveyed my ‘stash’, I began to see a pattern. I have ordered precuts: batiks, flowers, and patterns. I also have a ton of batik leftovers.

And I had a lot of junk. Apparently, I think I am going to be able to use every tiny scrap of fabric I have ever saved. Yes, I do use little scraps of fabric when I make cards, but I haven’t been doing that much lately, and by little, I mean tiny! So I grabbed a white trash bag and began making that difficult decision: Do I toss or keep? Given that I have kept most of these fabrics for over five years, I knew it was time. Out they went.

IMG_4113This is my trash bag full of what went out.


IMG_4109I discovered a small stash of Robert Kaufman Jewel fabric, which is quite exciting. I will take some time to look up a pattern for these.


IMG_4110I sorted by: Solids, green and blue prints, colorful prints, and two boxes of batiks.

DONE! I now know what I have, where each fabric pile is, and there is a lot less ‘junk’ all over the floors.

And it feels good.

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