Sewing My Life Together

Mis-Inspiration Lately

Well, if you read my last post you’ve seen that I have been very busy with many things OTHER than sewing.

Consequently, two things happened: (1). I was tense and stressed and (2). I doubted my ability as an artist, artisan, quilter or sewist.

I read somewhere that an artist needs solitude and time to create. My recent experiences reminded me of that or rather, brought out the truth in that statement. I tried sitting down at the sewing machine with only a half-hour to sew and came up bank. I haven’t dyed any fabric, printed on any fabric, and indeed forgot that I once knew how to do these things.


I have a few photos that I would like to try to replicate with fabric, but my mind is a blank about what fabrics I have on hand, what I would use, what I might need to dye or buy, or even what steps to take to start.


In short, I stopped thinking of myself as any sort of a creative person. I was tired and discouraged.


Yesterday I had the day off due to Good Friday, and I sat down at my sewing machine and began again. I cut about 180 2.5 inch squares.Squares


I then started sewing them in rows.Piecing

When I went to bed last night, I was disappointed that I had not been more careful in cutting the squares. I ordered another Jelly Roll of the Dr. Seuss characters, intending to fussy cut them later this week.


However, today I checked the strips and realized that fussy cutting wasn’t really an option. the characters are printed randomly and are often cut in half. At best, I could probably only get a couple of characters from two strips, not nearly enough to make this baby quilt.


As you can see, on the jelly roll strips there is not enough room to fussy cut distinct characters. I will have to be content with the random squares.

I spent a couple of hours today sewing, and it felt great. I found myself making a lot of rookie mistakes and being inattentive.


I still do not have my ‘art’ mojo working yet, but I am back and sewing.


Maybe inspiration will come?

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