Sewing My Life Together

Starting Again

Hello all,


Sad to say, I’ve let the boredom of winter and its darkness engulf me these past two months, leaving me little to no energy for creativity. Well, I am done. Done allowing this to happen. Usually in the winter I continue going to the gym and keep up fast walking outdoors, to keep my energy up and to face down the darkness of the winter. But I failed to keep that up in February.


Also, I did go to India for 10 days in February, taking thousands of photos, only to lose my camera on the flight back. The entire trip back took 25 hours, and we left at 3:30 in the morning, so I was exhausted on the two 8-hour flights and did not triple check my camera, as I did every other day on the trip.


So imagine my surprise when I unpacked my backpack and look, no camera. I then double checked, then triple checked, but it was gone. I emailed Lufthansa Lost and Found in Frankfurt, Germany where we had a two-hour layover, and then also Lufthansa lost and found at Logan, believing that it fell out of my backpack on one of those flights. But, if it had fallen out, no one reported it or brought it to Lost and Found. I tried for two weeks, and it has not turned up. So, no photos. To say I am disappointed is not even close to what I feel. Desperate is more like it.


But! I did take some photos with my iPad and iPhone. I saw this tapestry artist sewing outside Agra, in Uttar Pradesh, India. Amazing work.Indian Tapestry

This is painstaking work and gorgeous.


I also bought some delightful India cottons, although I do not yet know what I will do with them.Cottons from IndiaCottons

And one reason for my sloth was that I agreed to make at least 30 of these as a fundraiser for Autism Awareness Week in March. I hate repetition and kind of thought this would be a drag. Sewing these was boring and I still have 5 more to go, and I resented doing them. But a promise is a promise and I will finish them. However, I will not agree to do this again.


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