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Oops, I Did It Again

Bear with me the Britney Spears song title above.

I went missing again. Where have I been lately? Why have I ignored my blog?

A bunch of it was just being busy. Another bunch of it was procrastination. And another part was the feeling of not-wanting-to-write and what-have-I-got-to-say-anyway? So I stayed away from blogging, but I did not stay away from sewing. In addition, I am teaching two new professional development courses in my school district, each of which requires hours of preparation. I was also invited to be part of a photography exhibit, the first ever for me, and I will talk about that later. I also had a month-long show of my fabric art at a local (small) gallery, and I also participated in my local artists’ group Holiday fair. And I made thirteen tea towels as holiday gifts for colleagues. Whew. I’m tired just mentioning all that!

There are many times when my sewing time is extremely personal, when I want to take a break from the world and not talk about anything. I am a combination introvert-extrovert…in most of my life experiences, I am a talker, a do-er,  and a social person. In my career, I have to be. I have to be upbeat, connected, and fully present in my work with children with autism and the staff with whom I work. I wish I could post photos of my work, but I can’t.

First, I made a baby quilt for the daughter of a good friend, a young woman who grew up in the neighborhood with my two daughters. It was a labor of love, to be sure, and I had mixed feelings about it when it was done. It wasn’t very splashy or girlie (They were having a girl) but I liked that it was muted, gentle. The mom-to-be- seemed to like it!

Baby Quilt

I know, once again, that this is a terrible photo. I keep meaning to practice photos and I try, occasionally, but not systematically enough.  I may post a couple of nature photos I have recently taken AND edited, or that may be another post.

OK: The photo show. I was invited by the Director of Programs at the Old Schwamb Mill in Arlington, MA. to participate in a show from October to November of travel photos. I had shown the Director several of my photos taken in Senegal, where I travelled in 2014. I was part of a group of five photographers, four of whom are professionals and much-published and sought-after, and believe me I was mighty intimidated, until we had the Open House and then the Closing Reception. Since I am not a professional photographer, I had no idea that it is customary for professional photographers to mat their photos with white mats and to frame them with black frames. So, I enjoyed the process of finding frames that I thought enhanced the photos, either by bringing out certain colors in the photos or just expanding on the symmetry. I was happy with them, but at first I was very embarrassed to have made what I considered to be a rookie mistake.More photos

Two boys

Therefore, I was pleasantly surprised to hear positive feedback from the people who attended both shows. I was told many times that my photos were more lively, more personal, and more creative than the professionals. (Sometimes they whispered to me that they preferred my photos and frames to those of the professionals). While they appreciated the artistry of the professionals’ work, they complimented me on the creativity of mine.

And I was satisfied with that! It occurred to me that if I make my photography a more serious effort, I would still frame them with frames that match the personality of the photos rather than the white-mat, black-frame tradition of the professionals.

And this last photo is from the Holiday Craft Fair, where I sold many cards, a few quilted landscapes, and showed a much-admired quilt. (It did not sell, however, probably due to its $450.00 price tag. I have to account for my supplies and hours of sewing!).

Cards and quilt



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One thought on “Oops, I Did It Again

  1. Wow! You’ve been busy. I love that picture of the two kids looking out the window!

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