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Piecing and Following Directions

First, I love piecing. It just flows.

   Second, I hate following directions. I am working this pattern called “Colorband” which uses fabulous Benartex’s ‘Essential Gradations” fabric. I adore the colors a lot.
But the pattern? Not so much.

I bought the fabric and pattern from Craftsy, a site I like. (Good quality fabric and patterns). The fabric is not precut, so I did all of that. However, I could not make heads or tails of the pattern. I am not a visual thinker, so when I have a pattern, I simply follow the directions and cut, and then slowly make my way through the steps.

  • There was no information about how to “grade” the color scheme, which I would think would be central to the process. So I didn’t try. Instead, I sewed colors together that I liked. Then after piecing them all, I realized I had forgotten to cut a certain number of smaller rectangles. No problem; I did it a couple of nights ago. Then, I neglected to “square up” my squares. So now I have  six rows which need to be somehow squared.

And by now I am way off the original pattern and am on my own in creating a new design. I am OK with that.

So it won’t be a true “Colorband and” quilt, but rather an out-take of sorts. And I have this afternoon to sew!

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One thought on “Piecing and Following Directions

  1. Your quilt tops are always so colorful!

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