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Absence? Makes The Heart Grow Fonder?

It’s been a fun and busy summer…. Am planning to start to write again today or tomorrow. But in the spirit of local adventures, a tour of the Lowell Canals this morning and lunch and galleries in Lowell with friends! We take an annual vacation to the Vineyard and then the rest of the summer we take advantage of local fun: we’ve gone to Spectacle Island to hike and swim, Gloucester to visit friends and swim, a tour of The Essex River on Cape Ann and a great dinner at Woodman’s. Reading, biking, gardening, and walking. OH, and also studying for 36 CEU ( Continuing Education Units) online to keep my Behavior Analyst Certification in July….also working 20 hours a week in our Summer July Program. I started a new quilt early July and am going to focus on that the month of August. More later!

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One thought on “Absence? Makes The Heart Grow Fonder?

  1. Ah, yes…Woodmans!

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