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It’s The Little Things….

…. That I have learned to love. I was on school vacation this past week. I loved every minute of it. I spent a fair amount of time doing things that I hadn’t planned. One morning I woke up and decided to garden, and really enjoyed pulling up weeds and clipping back dead stalks from the fall.  I get a great deal of pleasure in looking at my daffodils blooming.

Front yard daffodils

Front yard daffodils

I am not a skilled gardener nor well trained. I play everything by ear and end up each summer moving plants/ flowers just to update the garden. I love to be outdoors so this is a great way to spend some time outside.

I also finalized the article I have been co-writing for three years with two colleagues; it’s been rejected twice so we have been fine tuning it. After uploading it to the journal’s web site, twice and doing something technically in error twice, it finally made it through the uploading process. Keep your fingers crossed!!

Then yesterday I took a little time to do a little online research. I had a visit planned for this morning at the home of a friend/colleague who is from Macedonia and has a two-year-old little girl.  I went online to research common baked goods or meals that are from Macedonia and that I could buy locally. No luck. But I found a list of some of the favorite foods of Macedonia: Ajvar, Shopska, Burek, Kebapi, Mekici, Zelnik; baked goods: Kifli, Ekleri (like an eclair), Lija, Vanilic, and Bombici. However, none of these could be found in my immediate area. I’d have to drive to Everett, about a half-hour away. maybe in the summer!

Then once I realized that I was out of luck, I thought I’d try to buy some Irish Soda bread. Once again, I was out of luck, unless I wanted to drive into Boston to go to the Keltic Krust, an Irish bakery.

Instead, I drove to Petsie’s Pies and bought Mississippi Mud Pie, something distinctly American. It was gorgeous and very, very chocolate.

And in between all that, I did some reading and sewing. I finished “The Rosie Effect” and began “Waging Heavy Peace”, a memoir by Neil Young.

And this is what sewing/fabric related projects I have been doing/working on at home.

Newly completed quilt This is my newly completed quilt. I finished the binding this week. Actually, I made quite a mistake. I sewed the binding from back to front, instead of  front to back. This means my hand-stitches show on the front instead of the back. I thought about ripping them out and starting over, but I looked at it carefully and decided I liked the way it looked. And since I am basically not much of a rule-follower, I decided what the heck…it looks festive!

Then I cleaned up a little and organized my scraps:

Oranges and Yellows

Oranges and Yellows

Reds and Blacks

Reds and Blacks

 A small jumble

A small jumble

And my current project?

Tonga Treats]

It is putting the binding on my latest quilt, Tonga Treats (Batiks). And yes, this time I am sewing the binding from the front to the back. I love the process of hand stitching the binding.

And I am showing my fabric art at the Cambridge Open Studios May 9 and May 10, 12-6, in North Cambridge. I tried a new technique and really loved this one:

Photo hand-transferred to a vintage handkerchief, then sewn onto a contrast of black, red and white fabrics.

Photo hand-transferred to a vintage handkerchief, then sewn onto a contrast of black, red and white fabrics.

I am having this framed into a black frame with a red narrow spacer.

(NOTE: My sister, Marian the photographer, took this photo of my youngest daughter posed on our local railroad tracks). Marian and I were struggling to mix her photography with my sewing, so I took a workshop on how to transfer photos using a gel medium, by hand. And I loved how this photo turned out. I have had it for about a year when I suddenly saw, as if for the first time, m leftover black checked and black and red checked fabric. That gave me the inspiration to make this one. I might show it at the Open Studios, but I may not put it up for sale.

It was a busy, yet satisfying week.

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One thought on “It’s The Little Things….

  1. shirley on said:

    Love hearing about your process and glad you enjoyed your vacation week!

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