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Once Again, Ignoring Blog

So, two weeks ago I dropped off  three quilts at my friend and colleague Jan Gorman’s home  to put two of my recent quilts on her long-arm quilting machine; this past weekend,  I picked them up at her home. They are beautiful! I  will post photos of them later in the week. I’d highly recommend her. ( Prices are reasonable, she does beautiful work, and she’s efficient. Sorry I do not have photos available today, but I did want to get back to my blog as quickly as I could.

City Hall Blue

This is Cambridge City Hall lit up blue for two nights.

Last week I did no sewing because I coordinated “Autism Awareness Week” at one of my schools and then helped the Mayor light City Hall up blue to celebrate World Autism Awareness Day (which is the first Thursday in April).  There were events at school (a community meeting, a Celebration with performances, a neighborhood walk, a bulletin board, posters and poems).  I had coordinated the evening event with the Mayor’s Office and was so excited to see it light up. We had a great crowd at the event, including 5th grade students who read their poems/stories about autism, their parents, and parents of some children on the autism spectrum.  Each evening after school I would come home exhausted!

Finally, I sat down last night at my sewing machine to make some cards. I am participating in Cambridge Open Studio Weekend in May and I display and sell my artwork but mostly I make and sell cards.

OMG. There is something wrong with my machine. Even when I have it on the slowest setting, the needle races and does not stop when I get off the pedal. I cleaned it, changed the thread, tried to sew on  fabric, but the threads jammed up at the needle, the needle raced and then the threads broke off. I have never had this problem before!

Sewing machine

So frustrated. Has this happened to anyone before? Tonight I am going to Google “problems with Kenmore Sewing Machines” to see if I can find a solution.

I successfully made 1 cards and ruined several more.

Annnnnndddd, now, I can’t find the photo of the single card I made.

But this is how I organize the ribbons, lace, buttons and other items I use to decorate the cards:

My not-so-organized collection of ribbons and things for making cards.

My not-so-organized collection of ribbons and things for making cards.

So this is an example of some cards I make.

I have made a series of these.

I have made a series of these.

As you can probably tell that my energy and creativity are lagging these weeks. I absolutely cannot wait for some warm and sunny weather! At least as of today, almost all of our record-breaking 110 inches of snow has melted. Driving and walking are safe once again.

Til later.

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