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On January 16th, my sewing machine would only produce a mumble-jumble of tangled threads on the underside of any fabric scrap I was using. I then proceeded to problem-solve; I rethreaded it, took the bobbin out and rewound it, tried again and still got a mess of knots instead of smooth, straight seam. After adjusting the tension several times, reviewing the manual and re-threading yet again, I called my local sewing store and made an appointment to take it in. I took it in on Saturday the 17th. The clerk said the timing was off: The needle was not timed correctly to catch the bobbin thread.  They would repair it in 7 to 10 days.

So, I left it there for repair.

Sewing Machine

And there I was, with a baby quilt to finish and bring into school (the baby is due February 1).

I do have two vintage sewing machines that used to work, but I could not get the tension correct on either of these as well.  So, I did what I had to do: Started sewing it by hand.

And I discovered that I loved doing it this way. It slowed me down, forcing me to pay attention to each stitch. I could put a movie or a TV show on my iPad and glance up at it every now and then, and time just slowed down. It took me about 15 hours to finish it, but I did, last weekend.

Baby  Quilt

And I finished it on the day the sewing store called me to say my machine was ready.

I picked up the machine and the timing was perfect. Today I had a fabulous day. We just had a blizzard and two days off from school.Yesterday my husband and I shoveled the driveway, and today, I shoveled out my car. Then right after a quick lunch, I went up to my sewing machine, put Lilyhammer on Netflix on my iPad, and completed the work on four alphabet pillows.  My daughter in Denver goes to at least one wedding a month (on average) and basically can’t afford a wedding gift for all of them, so I make these pillows and we send them to the recent newlyweds as their gift from EC.


I took the entire afternoon and finished these off. The TV show was on in the background, I had already pieced the tops, and today I quilted them and made them into pillows. It was SUCH a pleasant afternoon. My younger daughter dug out her car and went out, my husband was reading, and alone I sat, sewing. No thinking involved, just the simple joy of machine and hand sewing.

It was a perfect day! We got over 2 feet of snow, but tomorrow we have school and I am grateful for the time spent making things today. It was a great gift to myself.

To me, sewing can be soothing, like today, or creative, such as when I am not following a pattern (This was the case with the baby quilt), or if I am stamping or painting on fabric. There are days and times when I  crave the creativity, or I delight in the soothing sensation of sewing carefully and quietly.


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2 thoughts on “Recent Activity

  1. Oh for those quiet solitary moments where we are 100% in the moment of what we are doing. I cherish those crafting times. What a lot of snow. Stay warm.:)

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