Sewing My Life Together

My Completely Upside-Down Life


Oh dear. I am into full-gear writing and researching mode, and have not gone near my sewing machine in weeks. I do look longingly at it, touch it when I walk by, but my time is spent outside of work on reviewing and updating the article I am writing with two colleagues. I am the first author, so the veracity of the claims we make is mine to manage; I am going through each article we are reporting with a fine-tooth comb. And that is time-consuming!sewing on a mchine

I also spent hours trying to learn how to create a diagram and then to upload it to Google Docs. That frustrated me to no end and I almost gave up, but I am not willing to give up on what we’ve been writing for two years. Since this article was rejected by two journals, we’ve had to toughen up our methods, review each article with a new eye, and revise how we are reporting. I work on this about four times a week for a couple of hours.

And that is on top of full-time work, making things at home for the kids at school, reading up on my profession, staying healthy and hitting the gym a few times a week…well, sewing has fallen off my very-full plate, I am sad to say.

writing and research

writing and research




This is, however, another form of creativity, I suppose. However, it is far from relaxing and inspiring. Right now I am not sure why I ever started. I guess I know that. An article on the research evidence of the intervention for children with autism that I am using needs to be written, and I wanted to be part of writing it. My colleagues are terrific but I am doing the slogging around, reading and researching, while they help with the editing and writing in our twice-monthly conference calls.


So tonight I’ll be at the dining room table on my laptop again, making yet another diagram/table and inserting it into Google Docs. I hope we can resubmit in early December!



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2 thoughts on “My Completely Upside-Down Life

  1. I think this is wonderful! Keep at it.

  2. Thanks! I am trying!

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