Sewing My Life Together

Some Small Steps

As, you probably know, I haven’t felt much like being creative, sewing, or painting on fabric. I do not know why, but I am trying to go with the flow and accept it. I know I just have to get started again.

And I abandoned the idea of making my study into my sewing area. It’s just such a huge job, and I do not have the energy for it.


So, decided to make my study into my fabric painting, making monotypes, and printing on fabric-place. My ‘Printmaking’ room. The carpet is in bad shape and if I spill some, it won’t matter. PrintmakingPrintmaking3

I have created a small space,  on one end of my long desk, with all my supplies. I can work in a limited space, and in fact, I do best in chaos.  I have papers, fabric, fabric paints, fabric dyes, bowls,  gelatin plates, and other items.  and once school gets started and my home planning is done, I will start working here.

Sewing area

So my sewing area remains upstairs, where I have stored all my fabric, threads, fabric scissors, fabric pens,  and other assorted paraphernalia. I like the lighting, the air conditioner, the iron and ironing board. 

But I do like the idea of two different work areas, for two different types of projects. I do not have ADHD, but I sometimes work like I do.  

But this week I have the oldest daughter home and want to spend time with her, and schoolwork to bring home before my therapy room is all set with signage, labels, and such. So I do not think I will get much sewing done this week! But I have lots of stuff stored away and ready to start.


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