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New Projects for Summer

Since I’ve been famously indecisive about what to sew, and unhappy at what I felt was the drudgery of trying to sew clothes, I decided to order (online) a lap quilt set. It’s comprised of a jellyroll pack, extra fabric for backing and assorted borders, and directions. I thought this would be an easy jump-start to my procrastination. I still have to cut, but the jelly rolls simplify that job.

Summer Jewels

 These colors in reality are more bluish-teal and brown/blue. The name for this kit is “Summer Jewels” and these colors really do sparkle. Here is a copy of the pattern:

Summer Jewels Lap Quilt-2


Then, I took a leap of faith. I had in my possession a Charm Pack. I think I got it as a gift. I checked online for patterns that use charm packs, and frankly, could not find one i really liked. And I know people often talk about using their ‘stash’, but I did not have a single thing in my stash that fit the colors or style or simply was not enough yardage. So I am taking this basic, baby quilt pattern and experimenting with it. I am going to try to make it bigger, with different colors and shapes. I took the charm pack to my local fabric store and bought green, yellow and white for the backing and the other colors:

simple charm quilt

Here is a slightly skewed photo of the charm pack; the colors are more reddish and greenish than this shows. TO the right are the coordinating fabrics I chose:


coordinating white, green print and yellow

coordinating white, green print and yellow

charm pack

charm pack





So, now I am awash in a sew of fabrics that need to be ironed, cut, and then  sewing can commence. So now I am at peace; I’ve got something to sew!

Oh, and here is my latest little find at a flew market; a 1957 vintage Singer Sewing Machine, portable, all shiny and in perfect working order! I was so excited when my husband pointed it out to me at the Todd Farm Flea Market in Rowley, MA yesterday, and we bargained the guy down from $80.00 to $50.00. WHen I got home, I checked on eBay to see what these are selling for,  and the cheapest was $89.99 with a shipping charge of $39.00! I am so excited. Now I have to decide how to display it.

vintage Singer sewing machine

vintage Singer sewing machine

It is so interesting how unsettled I was the past few weeks with no projects in mind. I was able to get a lot of reading done, however, and watched one Craftsy online class on sewing.














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One thought on “New Projects for Summer

  1. Excited for you. Sometimes we need to have some of the decisions taken away to proceed… Love the machine. I’m so sorry I didn’t keep any of my mother’s or grandmother’s machines.

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