Sewing My Life Together

Another Chink In The Works

Well, it seems that out floors were finished a long time ago (well, several weeks, anyway) and by now I thought I’d have my sewing room all ready, but it’s not. I spent a few nights slogging through the junk we stored in the study, and it is clear I simply do not want to bring up our old stuff and return it to their former places. Plus, I have over 25 years of file folders, bank statements, and who knows what in file cabinets….I’d love to hire someone to junk it all for me, but I want to make sure I don’t throw out anything of value (birth certificates, etc). I did bring my sewing machine downstairs and gave away (to the trash) my lop-sided sewing table, which had no storage, so cutting room, no nothing. 

And I HATE this slogging through stuff…..I had videos I made of students I work with for training purposes, and to make sure they don’t fall into the wrong hands, I have to cut them each in half, which is hard and hurts! And I have given away books, small electronics, and more, but have I ever collected and saved way too much. I try bringing music downstairs while I am working, all the while angry and eager  to carry my teak desk back to my bedroom and just start sewing agin, ignoring the mess downstairs. That is self-defeating, though.

Then, this past week, I got sick. Really, really sick. On Sunday May 18 I came down with a UTI, the first one I have had in over 40 years. Got started on the typical antibiotics, Bactrim, went to work. Had a bad reaction to the Bactrim, vomiting and the whole works, and eventually stopped the antibiotic. On Wednesday, I added chills and fever to the routine. I didn’t go to work Thursday, or Friday, still troubled by chills, fever, and the UTI. I hadn’t slept or eaten since Wednesday. I saw the nurse practitioner on Friday, who changed the antibiotic, took urine to culture, and said to  call on Sunday if I didn’t feel better. Well, by Saturday, I had had it, called the physician on call, told him I was going to the ER. 

I went, I had a fever of 101, was admitted, and started on yet another antibiotic. Still felt absolutely miserable. On Sunday the urine culture revealed that my specific bacterium was resistant to all the antibiotics they had tried. The only one that would work was only available by IV, so they started me on it on Sunday the 25th. By Monday I felt better, and by today,Tuesday, I have had a day without a fever or chills. So I think I will get discharged tomorrow, but have to have IV antibiotics every day through June 8 (it’s a 14-day treatment). Not sure how that will happen, either the walk-in clinic or a visiting nurse. I don’t think I’ll be able to work (I still can’t do much of anything) so i will have to take care of that. 

And at least that is a legitimate reason to avoid the basement.

Oh, and by the way, the infection was in my kidneys and blood also!

Any suggestions about the urge to procrastinate?

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