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African Fabrics

Well, as you might have suspected, I bought fabric in Africa. Normally I don’t like to buy fabric when I don’t have a specific project in mind, but my shopping time in Senegal was so limited that I simply had to make some quick decisions.

Batik waxed cotton

The vendor had 12 yards of this and tried to make me buy it all. It’s hard when you don’t speak the language! It’s waxed cotton, which is apparently all they sell over there. I am going to have to do some research on the care of this stuff. I found shopping there to be very anxiety-provoking. They really try to hustle you, fast. And they are giving you the prices in CFA, which is pronounced “Sai’-fas”, with the emphasis on the first syllable. So you have to be very quick on your feet, change the price into dollars, and then offer them half of what they quoted. In the meantime, they are hovering over your shoulders, talking a mile a minute, pulling out other fabrics and showing you more. Bargaining is a must; they raise the price, I lower it, they made a sad/mad face, and try to raise the price again.

So I bought 6 meters of the above; I think I will trade or sell some yardage to others.

I also bought this:

More waxed cotton

More waxed cotton


The pink/black fabric is a beautiful color, somewhere between pink and rose. I imagine making this into bags for holiday gifts. (Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone!)








I chose the blue one to bring back to a friend and colleague at school. They were remnants so I didn’t have to buy a lot.

I was sold on the brown, green and gold by the way the browns and golds merge into green batik swirls. I am hoping to make this into an African-style skirt or dress.


I bought some patterns that I think I will try. I tried to upload the patterns, but could not do so.  More on those later!

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2 thoughts on “African Fabrics

  1. Twenty minutes for fabric shopping? How did you do it?!

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