Sewing My Life Together

So, Learning New Things and Loving the Old!

Well, it feels like a long time since I wrote. The winter weather has been cold, dark, grim and dreary. Last weekend it rained: A cold, dismal downpour for both days AND yesterday, Monday.

Today, the sun came out and we took all the students with ASD to the Big Apple Circus! It was an amazing event for them and they loved it (I did too).

So, in addition to my already diverse interests and project, I registered for a 6-week, online Making Monotypes course. It began this week. I spent most of Sunday hurriedly finishing up Week One’s projects, and just printed out this week’s assignments. There are a lot of assignments! This is the home page for the instructor, and she is quite good:

The class has written materials, several videos per assignment, and is challenging. I originally took it because  I am interested in printing on fabric, so although this course is designed for printing on paper, I believe I can play around with printing on fabric as well.


The course is extremely well-designed; clearly she is not only an artist but is quite familiar with teaching online, posting videos, posting assignments, and with keeping everything password protected. I am impressed by her organization.  The videos are clear, easy to follow.


So here is a sample of what I made the first week; these are not very exciting or original, but these three appealed to me:ImageImageImage

I liked the fact that I got to play with shapes and colors. This week, we are being asked to use found objects that appeal to us. I’m excited by that.

What I didn’t like about the projects was that they don’t involve fabric, and my learning curve is steep. I know I have to do repetitive things to learn, but that doesn’t mean I like it. And, since I spent several hours NOT involving fabric, I did not get the same kind of relaxation that I get with fabric. I felt somewhat tense making these monoprints. And I asked myself an important question:


Why do I always have to take on new learning, new ideas, and try new things and not be content with what I already know? It’s not as if I crank out artwork or quilts easily; I have tons to learn in those departments. And it’s not as if I am retired and bored with myself. So, right now, tonight, after I printed up this week’s assignments, I felt a twinge of regret for having registered for this class. It is spring, I will want to walk, run, bike and garden soon.

But I am almost always up for a challenge.


So, for a couple of nights,  i have been taking the relaxing way out and sewing the binding on my “Piece of Cake” quilt. I love doing this; I find it so relaxing.




This is my task tonight. Ahh, relaxing!

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