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And A Funny Thing Happened….

As I mentioned in a previous post ( I am giving away fabric. Far from making me feel panicked, it feels really freeing. I am emptying shelves and making room. Now I only want to have fabric that I love and am using.

So I posted on Freecycle in Cambridge. And  I got about 25 requests  immediately (within hours) for the ‘novelty fabric’ alone.  These people were telling me they lived in Milton, and then in Ely. (Ely? Where the hell is that?). So I chose a couple of people and told them where I live, which is near the Alewife T stop. One person immediately emailed me back, horrified. She had Googled the Alewife T and breathlessly told me (well, that what I imagined from her email) that the Alewife T was in the US!

Novelty fabrics

Well, I know that. What I didn’t know was that I had mistakenly posted on the Cambridge, UK Freecycle page.

So, I was startled and apologetic to all those who emailed me so quickly. And on one email I mentioned that people in the UK seemed almost too  eager to get novelty fabric.

Apparently, they are. Aside from common cartoon characters, there are few places to buy interesting, novelty fabric. And as one person told me, it generally costs about 20 pounds (or Euros; I forget) per meter! She said they are starved for novelty fabrics in the UK. So, it would have been an expensive pick-up for someone from Cambridge in the UK to come here for some free fabric, although I suspect one or two people might have been willing to try it!

So who would have thought it? That posting novelty fabrics for free would garner so many quick responses, all from the UK?

BTW, I switched my Freecycle post to the Boston area site a day ago, and I haven’t had one single email for it. Apparently no one in the Greater Boston area needs/desires novelty fabric.

So there.  Now we’ve both learned something that we will never need to know!

I should move to England to do my decluttering!

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5 thoughts on “And A Funny Thing Happened….

  1. Made me laugh!

  2. I found this so interesting. I have noticed that they do have different fads in quilt patterns and fabrics going on in UK. It is also kinda funny. I could see me doing something like that also. Thanks for sharing the story.

  3. shirley on said:

    That is funny!

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