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Photography and A New Quilt

So….here is what is happening with me.

On Saturday, I spent the entire day playing with my camera, the Picasa application, and being tutored by my sister, who is a very talented photographer. I want to be able to take good enough photographs, for my upcoming trip to Senegal and for landscapes around here that I can then transfer to fabric. I learned about composition, depth of field, and focus. I took about 32 photos and winnowed them down to about 20. This one is my favorite:

Close-up 2

I call this one “Close-up 2”.  I like the depth of field, the clear focus on the evergreen, and the sprinkling of snow. I haven’t got the faintest idea how to recreate this in fabric, but I will take my time thinking about that.

I spent at least 7 hours taking the photos, editing, posting, and sending them to my sister. Learning how to do this is time-consuming!

On Sunday, I ‘wasted’ four hours watching the Olympics. I know it really wasn’t wasted, but was relaxing and fun. I particularly love to watch the figure skating, and the ice dancing was on.

Oh, and I also delivered my “Piece of Cake ” quilt to Jan Gorman’s daughter, C., who was living near me. Jan has agreed to  long-arm quilt this one for me, and the easiest way to deliver the quilt to her was through C. You can read Jan’s blog and find out about her long-arm quilting business at the following link:

Now we are talking online about patterns and thread colors. I might let her decide. By Sunday night, though, I knew I had to sit down at my machine. I was missing the action of sewing.

I have begun a new quilt, called “Secret Garden” (I think).

So far I have pieced together 6 large 9-patch blocks, with 10″ squares.

Secret Garden2This is one block.

The next step is to cut these blocks into four smaller squares. And as I hate to cut, I am postponing this particular task. So all my blocks are now in a laundry basket waiting for me to have the nerve to fold and cut them all:

Secret garden 1More on that one when I manage to cut them all!

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2 thoughts on “Photography and A New Quilt

  1. I think that is a great photograph of the evergreen branch. Picasa was recommended to me once, but I haven’t gotten there yet. B
    ut Senegal?! …I need to hear more about that!

    • Sorry….I just noticed this! I had my sister help me with Picasa, and I also like the photo of the evergreen branch. I am going to Senegal April 17-23 with my elementary school. 20 kids are going and 12 adults. We fund-raise for the kids and the adults pay their way. We will do some touring and visit two schools. I decided to go because when would I ever plan a trip to somewhere as exotic as Senegal? SO now I don’t have to plan anything and can just go!

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