Sewing My Life Together


As I mentioned in a recent post,  I registered for a two-Saturday intensive digital camera workshop for today and next Saturday, February 1. Perfect, I thought. I have a new digital camera, very little experience with the details of cameras, and I want to be able to take better photos and in particular, I want to take great photos when I am in Senegal in April. So, I arrived this morning with my camera, my cords, my manual, my batteries, and a notebook for notes. It was at the Arlington Center for the Arts ( and I arrived about 20 minutes early. 

Having taken other courses there, I was familiar with the building, or so I thought. The entrance which I had previously used was no longer in use, and there were arrows pointing to a new entrance. I got myself in the building,  found no information about the class, walked upstairs to the three classrooms and found three art classes being set up. One was a thermofax workshop taught by my favorite fabric artist and teacher, Linda Branch Dunn ( . I stopped in to say hi and she was surprised to see me (since I was not registered from her class). I explained and asked if she knew where the photography class was. She told me there were people in the next two classrooms, so  I walked over.  Nope- they were both teachers preparing to teach art to young children. So I asked random people, walked around the building, and eventually located my registration confirmation email on my phone. Yes, I was registered and the course was going to start in three minutes. But I could not find the room. 

I glanced up to see a familiar face walking down the stairs: Jenny B., a former trainer of mine from my old gym.  Luckily we each remembered each other’s names, and we set to work trying to find the instructor’s telephone number on our iPhones. Jenny got her email, and we emailed her. Then Jenny had the idea to find the Executive Director’s telephone number, and we called her and actually got her on the phone! She apologized profusely, telling us the class had been cancelled due to low registration, and she had  thought we had all been notified. Jenny and I did not know if we were the only two who had not been notified, or if we were the only two who had registered and NOT been notified. Clearly, we had not been notified.

Hmmm. Grumpy me. Cranky me. Jenny was rattled, as was I. Then, I had an idea……Perhaps I could go back upstairs to Linda to see if I could sit in on her class! so that is what I did! Linda welcomed me with open arms and I had a wonderful day!

Later that morning, the Executive Director walked in and Linda introduced me. The executive director apologized, and offered me a one-day, two-person class with the photographer for next Saturday, and threw in this thermofax class for free!

So here is what I created today, in the workshop:


I am not sure what I am going to do with these, but I enjoyed making them very much! And being allowed to sit in on the class changed my day from grumpy to joyous!

And it was serendipitous for sure.

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2 thoughts on “Serendipity

  1. How wonderfully fortuitous!

  2. It was a lesson for me too, about the value of just asking. Great to have you in the class.

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