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New Year’s Resolutions? Not For Me.

As I have wound through this January, I’ve been reading blogs by others who sew. Several bloggers made a summary of what they accomplished in 2013, complete with photos and stories; others set out goals for the year 2014.

And  I have been asking myself the question: would it make sense for me to set goals? I thought, I could decide to sew five quilts, to create even 1/4 inch seams, to create more perfect triangles, but in the end, I realized as I was sewing that what I prefer is the process of sewing, creating, and entertaining new ideas. And if I set specific goals for the year, either I will feel compelled to accomplish them,thus putting myself in a position of having to sew something I am not interested in. And that in itself would be a stressor. These days I have been happily making traditional quilts, and soon I will go back to making landscapes. I don’t want to make goals and then find that I am not interested in doing those projects anymore.

I prefer to ‘go with the flow’.  And I realized that this was true precisely this weekend, as I sat quilting the quilt by hand, sewing on the borders and binding, and loving the slow, meditative quality of hand-stitching the binding. And this quilt has many things wrong with it, and perhaps I’ll never have a quilt that wins a prize in  a quilt show. I am fine with that. I love the piecing and binding, the auditioning of fabric for a landscape that is in my mind, and also trying something that does not work out. Binding2

I loved sitting and sewing the binding. I am satisfied with the green contrasting with the purple.

I loved sitting and sewing the binding. I am satisfied with the green contrasting with the purple.

And so I have perhaps two more nights to complete the binding for this quilt, which I hope to give daughter number 2 on her 23rd birthday Sunday. It’s imperfect; my stitches are not always of equal size, my blocks not always precisely squared, and my seams are a bit off. But I love my shaking stitches and off-kilter blocks. That’s one of the things I love about creating. It’s not always about ‘getting it right’ as much as the process of making it.

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4 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions? Not For Me.

  1. You are so right. The journey is more important sometimes than the destination!

  2. I agree with you about going with the flow. I have no specific goals this year other than to try to reduce my fabric stash by not buying anymore fabric. Making imperfect quilts is my speciality area too. No matter how hard I try there are imperfections in my stitching and quilting. I won’t ever win a prize for any of my quilts either. It’s about the journey not the destination.

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