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I just love the juxtaposition of the greens, purples and blues. It's Kaffe Fasset fabric. Gorgeous!

I just love the juxtaposition of the greens, purples and blues. It’s Kaffe Fasset fabric. Gorgeous!

I am always laid low by January, and this year has been no exception. My feet drag, my energy flags, and I find myself fumbling through my days. (Note: No one with whom I work would agree, since I manage to keep my cheerful personality despite my lethargy). So I have been doing little creatively,  and managing my evenings with piecing.  Simple, straight lines, comforting and predictable.

The pattern is called "Busy Bee" and I don't like the color border I chose...the purple is not right!

The pattern is called “Busy Bee” and I don’t like the color border I chose…the purple is not right!

I am hand-quilting the Busy Bees quilt, so it is slow going….but I want the experience.

I have also registered for an two-day, intensive photography class. For Christmas, I got a Canon Powershot elph 330 HS, a small digital camera. The class is two Saturdays, January 25 and February 1, from 10-4 at the Arlington Center for the Arts. I hope it will help me figure out how to take photos with something other than my iPhone!


Here is a link to my FAVORITE fabric artist’s blog: She is teaching a course on printing on fabric, which I have already taken, but I don’t use everything I learn in the class and then I forget it. So I decided not to take the class again but to sit down with my notes and try some new work, worlds apart from my quilting.

I remind myself that I usually start to feel better, more myself, in February and then March. I’ve also changed up my exercise routine, which was getting totally boring. I’ve been using the Elliptical machine then walking/running, but now I started swimming. I love it! I just have to ride this through……and be patient with myself.




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2 thoughts on “Adrift

  1. What beautiful bright colours you are using. They are so cheerful. Hope your lethargy clears soon for you.

  2. Wow! What patience you have to hand quilt. Good for you. I love Kaffe Fasset’s fabric…someday I’ll make something with it as well. So bright and cheerful is his fabric.

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