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Vacation Time: Lazy or Renewed?

Hi all,

I think I am getting old. In the past, I used vacations as time to ‘get things done’. School ended on December 20, and I started reading.  Sure, I made my lists, including my sewing goals, but once I started reading, I really can’t stop. I would, as a kid, bring my book to the kitchen table and my mother would make me put it away.  Sometimes when I go to the movies I bring a book to read during the previews. My oldest daughter tells me that’s rude.

And of course I shopped and wrapped gifts.  But in the past four days I have not sewn a thing, but I have read four books. ‘The Heart Goes last’ by Margaret Atwood, ‘We Are Water’ by Wally Lamb, “Lifesaving Lessons’ by Linda Greenlaw, and ‘The Hour I First Believed’ by Wally Lamb. But now I am stopping, trying to pick up the pieces of my life. I don’t do this often, and when I do I feel very lazy….indulgent. And it IS an indulgence. It takes me away from real life, reminds me to dream, and reduces my urge to ‘accomplish something’ every day. Is it healthy? I guess so.  But the dust piles up, my sewing ideas pile up, the rugs still need to be vacuumed,  the toilets cleaned, and the laundry put away.  And also I want to get back to being a creative person and not just a dreamer.

Today I am going to take down the fabric artwork I had showing at a local venue. While I did not sell anything, I was supported in my efforts by a community of local artists. I will also post photos of these on my Etsy shop for sale. ( Artwork "Fly Away"

And so I will clean up the junk that I have been ignoring, put some piles of stuff away, perhaps vacuum (oh, but there is no joy in any of these!) and sit down at my machine. Oh, perhaps just before that I might make a list of  the projects I am going to work on.

These lazy days sometimes frighten me a little. Is that who I really am?

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3 thoughts on “Vacation Time: Lazy or Renewed?

  1. Again, you sound just like me. Once in a book, I am gone for the duration; therefore, I have to restrict my reading of books or I’ll never move. My last read was wonderful, and I think you would like it: The Paper Garden by Molly Peacock. I thought of you when I was reading it as a matter of fact. She begins her life work at age 72.

    • I think it is vitally important to do whatever activity will renew you especially when you have work that takes so much of your energy and creativity. The house work will always be there and you can eventually get to it just before the health department arrives.If you do not take care of yourself and revitalize you, how are you going to be the kind of teacher you want to be everyday let alone being a wife and mother and friend?Take it from someone who has pushed herself beyond all reasonable limits to take care of everyone before herself and see what happens. So take your reading time and being lazy because you know that the guilt will eventually get to you anyway and the vacuuming etc. will have its time.

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