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Simply, Quietly Piecing


So….I’ve been busy. Once again, I’ve completed another set of initial pillows for yet another recent bride and groom. Also, last week I had to pack all Thursday night, spent Friday all day flying to Winter Park, Colorado, for a wedding…..9000 feet above sea level! I did not have many altitude problems, but my husband and younger daughter did. However, when I went out for a walk and also went swimming, I found it harder to breathe. Yikes.

ImageDid I say that we went to a wedding in the mountains?

It was beautiful and magical. We don’t have such scenery in Massachusetts. We spent Sunday in Denver with daughter No. 1, then spent all day Monday flying home. Way early to bed Monday night.

So, last night and tonight, I’ve been quietly and peacefully piecing. And I am loving it. I put on a TV show on my laptop and vaguely watch as I piece. I bought a pattern called “Busy Bee Quilt”, and the directions tell the quilter to piece the calicos & muslins randomly. I love that! I don’t have to think about which color goes where. Instead, I can concentrate on trying to make each seam 1/4 inch, something I have had trouble with in the past.


And I spent four hours last night and tonight, and this is as far as I have come. I have to get used to the fact that for me to be accurate, I have to be slow.  I am OK with that; I am not in a hurry to finish this particular one. (P.S.: It might be a Christmas gift for daughter No. 2).

So, I get into a ‘groove’, in which I think about nothing except the colors and the seams.

Restful! Here is a photo of a couple more:


The only thing that concerns me is if it takes me weeks to finish this, what will I have to write about in my blog?

Hmmmm…maybe the magic of fabric, thread, and the coming together of pieces. Will think about that!

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4 thoughts on “Simply, Quietly Piecing

  1. Remember slow and steady wins the race. Your care in piecing accurately will make the finished quilt something to be really pleased of. I know that I will enjoy watching your quilt take shape no matter how slow the progress. 🙂

  2. Do the pictures indicate you are making two quilts?

  3. segurry on said:

    No….just one! I think maybe it is a Christmas gift to Micaela!

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