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Small New Works

As you readers know, I have been experimenting with small landscapes with fabric. This past month I attempted to replicate a couple of beach scenes from my vacation at the Vineyard. Well, I wasn’t planning to actually ‘replicate’ them as an artist would, but I wanted to render the main visual points from the photo.

Taken from the street

Taken from the street

So I wanted to create a fabric, stylized version of this.

For the grass, I had the idea that I could use burlap shreds in several different colors, and make colorful umbrellas. So these are the two that I finished that I actually like a bit:

This is actually the second one I made.

This is actually the second one I made.

In this one, I piled the grass higher closer to the beach, and then quilted the front part.

This one is a little different.

This one is a little different.

For this one, I used feathered white curtain thread for wispy clouds, and hand-dyed lace for the grass and beach in the foreground. I am still not completely satisfied, but I kind of like them. In the next few weeks I will get around to framing them.

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One thought on “Small New Works

  1. Very nice! You’re stash must be increasing they way you can just pick out the right material to use.

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