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In The Beginning, There Was a Room

Well, my very large capacity to procrastinate has been dealt another blow. I am going to give myself two hours a week to clean out my study; that means, if I put it on my list, I will work on it. I will do it bit by bit so as not to be overwhelmed. This will still allow me to sew, get to the gym, work, blog, network and more. So, yesterday, I started (again).  No, I don’t have a deadline, so that doesn’t help me much. I could create an artificial deadline, but I could just keep changing the dates. So, instead, I am going to give myself two hours a week.

This is what I walked into yesterday:


And, no, I am not embarrassed by the mess (although I should be). It’s been years since I used the study to write, prepare coursework, grade papers, write letters of recommendation, and other professorial activities. I haven’t been a professor since 2005.  And I have had several shoulder replacements, been taking courses, and in general, have been very busy. So I am not embarrassed. Really.

And after two hours of sorting through papers (Which do I need to keep and which can be shredded?), this is what I got:


Not bad. I cannot give up some of my professional books and articles that I have written, so they will stay. And I do not think I will bother to repaint the walls or buy new furniture; I really don’t care about how my sewing room looks, although from reading other people’s blogs I wish I did. I still have one more desk filled with papers to sort through, and bookshelves to empty…but I am willing to do it slowly.

It may not be beautiful, but it will be mine!

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7 thoughts on “In The Beginning, There Was a Room

  1. Being/feeling embarrassed takes up energy and is overrated 🙂 That’s a really good idea to take it two hours at a time…I have never tried something like that because I prefer to get down in the trenches and stay there in pursuit of “instant” gratification. However, I inevitably burn out and tend not to finish… You made progress that would feel good to me, this is giving me food for thought!

  2. You know, Shirley, I used to be the type who ‘had to get it done’ as fast as possible. I don’t know when that switched. Probably at the same time I gave up worrying! And thanks for reminding me that those feelings take up energy and are overrated….thanks~!

  3. It will be beautiful, because it will be full of beautiful fabric!

  4. Yup, what quiltify said! For me, the beauty of my sewing room is having all the stuff where I need it, and all the fabric within reach, not all in totes under my sewing table any more. And I’ll get to the rest of the painting when, as we used to say, something flings a cravin’ on me for it. 😆

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