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Next Big Project

Well,  I am almost ashamed of myself for even posting this, and more so, for even letting this house get so messy.

While I was a college professor, I needed a study/office at home. I was also doing consulting to local school districts and families, and that was work I did not feel comfortable doing that work at my University office. So when we bought this house, we built a comfortable study in our basement. It worked for quite a while (over 20 years), but in the last few years I have barely used it and I have let it go into a cluttered mess.


When I left the University, I boxed up all my files, books, materials from my courses, articles I had written, and then never looked at anything in those boxes for the past seven years. I would just run in, put stuff down, run out and close the door.

And then I started sewing. In my bedroom. I started with some fabric for a quilt, then I stated collecting ribbons and paper for cards I was making, then I took a course in painting and printing and stamping on fabric, so I then collected a ton of that fabric. And I kept buying boxes to put these things in. I knew that cleaning out the study and creating a defined sewing space would be a big, time-consuming job, and all summer I just ignored it. Until this week. For some reason, the clutter in both spaces got me worn down and I began unearthing ‘stuff’ in both places.


NOTE: I did take yesterday and today to clean up my sewing area, so it does not look as bad as it does in this photo. Take my word for it.

So, now I have a goal: I want my study to become my sewing area by the end of September. Now, this means, on evenings when I WANT to be sewing, I will have to be downstairs in a dusty, dirty room cleaning stuff out. This is hard for me to do. I would rather sew and ignore the mess….but the longer I do this, the less satisfying it is. So, I do not think I will post much about my sewing projects, because if I stick to my guns, I will be de-cluttering and cleaning, getting the study cleaned up enough to begin sewing in it.

I might, however, post photos of the process. Here’s a question: What do I do with all my autism/inclusion books?

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9 thoughts on “Next Big Project

  1. That looks like it will be a great sewing space ‘studio’. I have a hard time getting rid of books…

  2. Whenever I do a major clean, I always ask myself this; did I use/refer-to within the past year? If no, then I ask, the past two years or will I use it in the near future? If I think I will, I hold onto it, if no then out it goes. We often (before Kindle) would donate books to our library.
    Also remember that creative people tend to have clutter, especially when working on a project. The good news is when you are done, you will have a room to enjoy as you create! Happy cleaning! 🙂

  3. I can totally relate to this blog. I am sitting in our study/my sewing storage area as I type. The floor is cluttered with craft and sewing items that I have been intending to sort and put away. I just put my blinkers on, until I feel up to the challenge. Good luck.:)

  4. LinnyJ:
    Thanks for the vote of confidence! My kids and husband make fun of the mess I make….so I feel that I should be ‘better’ at cleaning it up and keeping it straight!

  5. Shirley on said:

    Good luck! I think you will feel so good on the other side of this big project!!

    What did you decide to do with the books? I am planning a big declutter for September and am considering moving out a ton of precious books I’ve held onto for years. Whatever the used bookstore in town doesn’t take for store credit will be donated to the library.

    • I am not sure yet. neal will not let go of his mysteries. I am going to give my autism speech and language books to my speech person, and let the other teachers take a look at my inclusion/behavior management books. The local UPS store will buy back some textbooks, but I fear mine are too old. I probably will donate a lot to Goodwill. I am not sure about all my novels yet. This is going to be HUGE task; I am finally letting go of all my Lesley stuff ( I doubt I will ever teach grad school again), but that is like letting a big part of myself go!

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