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A Little Art Piece

Well, I have been working hard this summer trying to find a way to merge my sewing with my sister’s photography, and finally, after several tries, this is what I completed. It is not perfect and I might re-do it;  but this was my second attempt and it is much better than the first.Image

The photos are 4 x 6 photos of the Vineyard. I bought gauze-y fabric, matched to the main color in the photo. I printed these photos on fabric, and sewed them onto the gauze fabric. I carefully ironed, sewed, and ironed again. Then I wrapped the dowel in a ribbon, and sewed each piece to the ribbon. The colors are (L-R), pink, blue, green and yellow. 


I sewed the bottoms of each piece, but I do not like the way each piece hangs. I am going to take out the stitches and let each piece hang, with some fringe on the bottom.

I called this piece “Summertime”, and credit is given to myself and Marian Gurry Stanton, the photographer.

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2 thoughts on “A Little Art Piece

  1. Great idea to use photographs in a quilt. Your sister will cherish this.

  2. Not to be redundant, but what a good idea!

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