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Cutting (ugh) and Piecing (Yay!)

Yesterday  I pulled out a packet of fabrics that I had bought at lest year’s Lowell Quilt Festival and decided to cut and piece it. Image

This is a pattern called “Piece of Cake”. I loved the vibrant colors when I bought it, and I still love them!


What I like about this: the colors were already chosen, they were vibrant, colorful, cheerful, and it seemed as if even I could not mess this up.

Now, those of you who read this know I do not like to cut. I have made so many mistakes in cutting in the past that cutting makes me nervous. So, I took out the basic 10 inch squares, and cut them into strips (2 1/2 by 9 and 2 1/2 by 6) and then into 6 inch squares. I took my time, and reminded myself several time: “Measure twice, cut once”. Here are some of the strips.


And here is one block, the first one I completed:


Then, I began sewing the blocks together.

This is an easy pattern and I spent a happy few hours yesterday and then today piecing these together. (Reader alert: I often put my computer behind my sewing machine and watch TV shows streaming online. Yesterday and today I have been watching “House of Lies”. It’s not really good, and it is vulgar and crude, but I don’t have to concentrate hard on the TV and can instead concentrate on my sewing.)

So here are three of the pieced blocks:

Pieced blocks

Pieced blocks

There is no need to ‘match’ colors here; it is a random pattern, which is why I feel so carefree sewing it.  Tonight I am going back upstairs to sew for a couple more hours. I have not bought binding or backing for this yet, so I foresee a visit to a fabric store with my quilt top in hand to try to find comparable colors. I  do, however, have batting in bulk.

Maybe my friend Jan Gorman can quilt this for me when I am done?




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3 thoughts on “Cutting (ugh) and Piecing (Yay!)

  1. I love the brilliant colors. Yes, I would be happy to quilt it. I’m still in practice mode! I’m thinking that the fabric is so loud…and I don’t mean that in a bad way…that a consistent pantograph might be nice. But you can decide when you have it all pieced together. It might just cry out for something else!

  2. Gorgeous colours. Can’t wait to see it finished. 🙂

  3. segurry on said:

    Jan, I agree that something simple would be good, but let’s see when it is all done. And practice mode is fine!

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