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All I Need to Know Is On The Internet

Oh, YouTube and blogs! I want to start a new phrase for this 2013 year….Have you ever seen those posters that say, “All I Really Need  To Know I Learned in Kindergarten”?

Here’s my version: “All I Really Need To Know Is Already on the Internet”. There. That’s it.

And how do I know this? Because I spent two hours this morning reading my favorite blogs.

Two hours. Is that considered a waste of time?

And some new ones. They inspire me, intimidate me, make me a little crazy….I know one thing (at least)…I do not want to limit myself to full-size quilts. I like to explore new things and try new things. That is what keeps me going.

But I am a little embarrassed by how long I can browse the internet. Is this browsing a waste of time? A way to get inspired? A way to avoid trying a new project?

And I do not discriminate when it comes to blogs. Yes, I do have a few favorites. And yes, these are autism and fabric related blogs, so you can skip the ones about autism if you want.

Today, I am not sure. All I do know is that I had fun this morning. Here are some of the blogs I follow:

On Stippling and Free Motion Quilting:

More Free Motion Quilting:

Quilts for Charity:

On quilting relentlessly:

Another quilter/crafter like me:

I could spend way too much time on this list:

More inspiration:

Pure, Unadulterated Fiber Art

Collage, printing on fabric:

Thinking Things Through:


There are so many more!  Do you have favorites?


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