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A Labor of Love

Well, since my last day of work for the summer was August 1, and I just completed the one-day PanMass Challenge fund-raiser for cancer today, I’ve been a little on the non-creative side. However, what I am sewing has been very soothing and requires little to no ‘creative’ thinking or doing. I find these pretty easy to make and they make great gifts. So, daughter number 1 lives in Denver doing great work in rescuing animals for the Denver Dumb Friends League (no, readers, that is not a politically incorrect name; it was founded in 1909 when it was common practice to call animals “our dumb friends”). After more than 100 years, they are not likely to change their name!).

But doing great work and making good money are not often compatible, so she lives very frugally. She has a bunch of weddings to attend this year, and she has to fly around the country to get to them. The result? She gets to attend (and sometimes be in the weddings) but has very little money to buy a wedding gift. So, that’s where I come in: I make these letter pillows and send them to the bride and groom.

Sent to Laura and Brendan last week.

Sent to Laura and Brendan last week.

Since I sent these out I can show them here; the rest have to be a secret until the weddings.

What do I love about making these? It’s simple. There is a rhythm to it…read the directions for a specific letter, piece it together, pin the backing and batting, hand-quilt around the letters. sewing the backing on, insert pillow form and hand-sew the fourth side. And, to top it off, I can do all that while watching television on my laptop! So it does not involve much thinking or deciding and it ends up being an excuse for entertainment. The happy couple get their wedding gift from daughter number 1, I watch some television and sew. Granted, these are not on the happy couple’s registry list, but who would not want your own, personalized letter pillow?

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One thought on “A Labor of Love

  1. Such a lovely thoughtful gift and a great way to help out your daughter. 🙂

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