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Summer Weather and Sewing/Crafting/Creating


Vineyard Shells

In case any of you were wondering what I have been doing, (or maybe you were not concerned) I have been doing a lot of biking, some work (field trip organizing for my summer program;see these two sweeties at the Swan Boats in Boston Image)  some gardening (well, weeding), and a bit of crafting. Oh yes, and reading.

In the summer I firmly believe I must go outside to take advantage of the warm, sunny weather. Despite the humidity here in New England, I love the heat. So I limit my inside time to take advantage of the wonderful outside time.

And I pulled out the shells I had found on the beach at the Vineyard last summer, and made this somewhat boring wall hanging. It still needs something, but I don’t know what just yet. I will let it be for a while.

Then, a friend who is a new grandmother and who recently started taking some quilting classes decided to make her granddaughter an outfit. She is a musician, a gifted singer, a jewelry maker, and talented person. However, she had never made an article of clothing before, and even though the pattern said “easy”, there were things that stymied her. How to match the seams, how to sew a curve, how to fit gathers, and how to finish a piece were all questions she had. So last Friday afternoon I went over to her house and we had a lovely time…it took me a while to get back into ‘sewing clothes from a pattern’ mode; I think the last items I made were my sister’s bridesmaid dresses in 1977! But after a while I realized that I remembered a ton of things. So we finished a part of the outfit, planned the next steps, and then had a lovely dinner.

Except that on Sunday I received another text, telling me she was stuck on one more step. So on Monday at 3 I went over, and low and behold, look what we finished:


Is she adorable? And the outfit is really cute.

Then, I am working on something more mundane: letter pillows for my daughter’s friends who are getting married; my daughter works hard at a large animal shelter where she does important work, but does not make a lot of money. And since she has to travel for five weddings this summer (and four last summer), I agreed to make husband-and-wife initial letter pillows to give as gifts. So I started on them this week, with the first letters going to a couple (“B” and “L”) who are getting married in July.

So, I’ve been not particularly artsy lately, more into crafting, and having fun with a friend (Although I often choose to work solo)….and the work continues!

Letter pillows:

Letter L


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4 thoughts on “Summer Weather and Sewing/Crafting/Creating

  1. shirley on said:

    You’ve been busy! Love the shell wall hanging, love the baby outfit, love the letter pillows, love the cuties at the swan boats…love it all! Well, not the hot, humid weather…I choose to spend much of the summer indoors 🙂

  2. Cute baby outfit…cute baby! I admire your fortitude in this humid weather. I’m with Shirley, 85 degrees or higher, after my walking I’m in the quilting room with AC!

    • Jan, I just roll with the humidity….I think it’s from my years spent as a lifeguard….I take breaks in the AC, then I actually go outside to warm up!

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