Sewing My Life Together

Last Night It Did Not Work Out


This was my finished product last night and it was disappointing. It lacks something; there is no joy in this, and too much heaviness. I was trying for a collage, using some fabric with repeats and some words.

This is what I started with. These are my ‘piles’ of stamped, printed and painted fabric. I’ve taken several courses (and talked about them before) and I love playing with colors, patterns and paints on fabric. It is this process that I enjoy. Then, when I have piles of fabric, I try to sort them out and take a look at what I have. Here are my ‘piles’ from last night.Image

As you can see, I love yellows, greens and blues. I also love the way this pile looks!


In this pile I had branched out and used purples in the mix. I can’t remember if I used a stamp or a stencil for those ferns, but I admit they are very pretty.


This is my ‘ugly’ pile, mistakes, as it were.

And so I sat for two hours, moving pieces together and then apart, trying to find the spark that would tell me I had a good set of pieces that would look good together. And I came up short. I think I didn’t have enough variety  (of shapes, images, and colors) or similarity (also of shapes, images and colors).

And I am left wondering: how do fabric artists know when they have enough material to begin a project? How much fabric do they print, paint and stamp before trying to put a piece together? Do they paint first with colors and images in mind for a particular piece?

I am not sure. I like doing this work when my pieces come together and I make something pretty; I get very discouraged when an evening spent at my sewing machine turns into nothing good.

And I do not think I will be able to sew for a few days. I have a wake to attend tonight, and oral surgery tomorrow morning. I suspect I will be out of commission for at least the day on Friday. I don’t like leaving my machine when I am in a funk of non-creativity!

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