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Just A Few Minutes Here…

A lot of my time recently has been taken up by training on my bicycle for the PanMassChallenge (which, for you who are not Massachusetts residents is an August fundraiser for cancer). I am doing a one-day ride of 50 miles, and believe me, training is vital. So on Saturday I biked 35 miles and stopped for a sandwich in Concord, taking 4 hours out of my day. The day began with drizzle and ended up nice and sunny, requiring me to slather on the sunscreen.

In bedford, the off-road option.

In bedford, the off-road option.

Then my favorite sandwich EVER…from Main Street Cafe on Main Street in Concord…it’s so big I can only eat half for lunch. I bring the rest for my Monday lunch at school.

Best-ever Tuna Melt

Best-ever Tuna Melt

So, when I was home and had showered, I decided to try to make some flowers. I’ve been stamping trees and leaves on fabric lately, and I have been thinking about adding flowers. I first thought about buying flower buttons, but decided that was the easy way out. So online I went, and found five tutorials on paper, ribbon, and/or fabric flowers.  For the next two hours,  I tried all five of them.  The huge one is made simply of a strip of muslin fabric, unpainted and not hemmed. It is about 3 ” wide and way too big, but when I make it in fabric, I like it.

Upper left: paper flower. Upper right: Muslin Bottom right: Ribbon flower Bottom Left: 3 layers of fabric stitched with a button.

Upper left: paper flower. Upper right: Muslin
Bottom right: Ribbon flower Bottom Left: 3 layers of fabric stitched with a button.

But the one I chose was a ribbon flower. I might have been better off  with a more vivid color green, but I did not have that at hand. So this is my new work:

This is designed as a 11 x 81/2 piece to be matted and framed. I love the contrast between the roughness of the burlap and the gentle cotton fabric and simple ribbon flower.

Flower added

Now, often when I create something, I am never sure when to stop. I like the simplicity of this, but do any of you viewers think this piece needs more? More color, something added to the burlap? Any ideas or suggestions?

Here is another example of similar work, but  one that does not have a flower, and I like it just as it is:

Fabric stamped with trees, bushes and birds.

Fabric stamped with trees, bushes and birds.

What do you think? Does it need more work?


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2 thoughts on “Just A Few Minutes Here…

  1. I really like these. I also like the burlap being a large part of the work, for contrast. How did you think of this? I like the ribbon flower particularly. However, it would be fun to put cloth flowers on a baby quilt, something with which to fiddle.

    • Hi Jan,
      I have been working on printing and stamping on fabric for a long while (well, over a year) and am finally finding my ‘place’, I think. So many things I tried that didn’t work and tossed out! I’ve been making some burlap gifts for EC’s friend J. who is getting married in October in Denver, and her wedding theme is ‘rustic’: burlap and lace. So I have all this burlap at home and I knew this piece needed some contrast, and I thought of the piles of burlap I have at home. So I just tried it!

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