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A New Project, and A Few Mistakes on the Way

I’ve mentioned before that my oldest daughter’s college friend and friend in Denver is getting married in October. I made the ring-bearer’s pillows for her, in three sizes because the ring-bearer is her aunt’s beloved dog….Image

and we were not sure what size the dog is. My own daughter, EC, a bridesmaid, will make sure the pillow gets Velcro’d to the dog’s harness. Me, I know nothing about dog’s harnesses!

Those are just two of the pillows. The theme of this wedding is ‘rustic’, so she wants to use burlap, lace and her color is cobalt blue.

So, I found  I have quite a pile of burlap still sitting in my closet, so I asked J. if she wanted me to make a burlap and lace Guest Book. She did. And I found this pattern online and thought it was cute….



So she agreed and I started making it, using an inexpensive notebook I had bought to practice on.

And I did, practice, that is. And I did not like what was happening…it was too lumpy, the strips just wouldn’t bind straight, and I sent her a photo explaining that I did not like the way it was coming out.



So, with J.’s permission, I decided to go with straight burlap, not strips, and lace…similar to the way I created the pillows. And this is what I have completed so far…


I am waiting for her to mail me some cobalt blue ribbon, which I will sew to the binding of the book cover and use to mark the page in the guestbook. I still have to glue the cover on the back cover of the guest book, since I need to keep it unattached while I hand-sew the ribbon on. So, a final photograph on Thursday or Friday of this week? I think so!


Another interesting project (almost) completed!

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