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Fabric Collage, A Little Bit At a Time

As you’ve read here before, I was taking a five-week course in making fabric collages. (Well, it was actually a five-night course, because we only met one night a week, but you get the idea). During the first three weeks I felt stymied and very un-clever. I made a few things, but they didn’t really ‘wow’ me that much. I knew I wanted more text on fabric and more images. So here are a few of the more recent beginnings:


I did like this one, although it is way too yellow and green….(at the top right-hand corner is a photo printed on fabric of my youngest daughter, Mic. Isn’t she beautiful?)

I missed the fourth class because I went to hear Temple Grandin (an autism expert and an adult with autism who also has a Ph.D. in Animal Sciences) instead. So, on the last night of class, I tried transferring some text to fabric, but even using transfer paper the text refused to budge. Then our teacher showed us some  4 x 6 inch ‘sticky’ paper, and outlined for us how we could make three-in-a-row of something, and this is what I made (see below).

In this photo they are not three in a row, and they are not finished. I want to add some ‘bling’ by sewing beads to them, and I will frame them as three fanciful landscapes.

three little landscapes

But these, in my opinion, are just OK.

But today I took the time to look over my work, my paint spatters and smudges, and printed fabric, and I found a way to make what I think is a pretty design. The three white cotton pieces of fabric are stamped with green trees and red, green and black birds flying. I cut out each piece, with the middle one being the biggest, and sewed them on to some burlap that I have.

And while it is far from perfect, I am perfectly happy with it!


This is a closer detail of what each panel looks like:




Middle panel

I like it. What I might do with it next, I am not sure, but making it was a satisfying way to spend the day. And I will hold onto this piece and not rush it yet.

One step at a time!









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