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Who Knows Where The Time Goes?

Well, the past few weeks have been very, very busy….work to do at night, meetings, and one spectacular event, a lecture by Dr. Temple Grandin, a Ph.D. in animal science, and author of a number of fabulous books on autism….but that relates to my day job, being an autism therapist.

And I have been struggling with this fabric collage class (although I had to skip last week to see Temple Grandin at my local public library)…I can paint on fabric, dye fabric, print photos on fabric, but I have yet to make a cohesive ‘whole’ collage that I like.

Here are some fabrics that I have painted:

Painted on burlapCambridge-20130519-00892

Well, actually I printed on fabric with a stamp, on which I painted a thin slice of green textile paint.

Purple fabrics

I like the purple/blue one.


Dyed lace

I dyed purple, blue and yellow lace. I also like these. But here is my question: How do I build these into a collage?

So I decided  I needed some clear images, so I painted over some fabric (Note to self: Use watercolors next time for a more watery, less intense background cover) and then scanned photos onto them:

Photo images on fabric

I do like these very much.

Finally, I did make a couple of beginner’s collages in a hurry in class:

One collage

And another:Another one

my teacher comments on this last one that there was not much ‘value’ difference among the colors….they were all strong, dark with little to draw the eye to another place in the collage.

So, I am making another one this week to bring to class….I am just not sure that I have an artist’s eye for this, or maybe I should give it more time? I have the urge to sew something I know I will like, such as a bag or more landscapes. Any thoughts?

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One thought on “Who Knows Where The Time Goes?

  1. I think they are all wonderful!

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