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Notes on Cambridge Open Studios


Well, despite my fears about not being a ‘real artist’,  not being accepted, I had a great day…I was in a place called the ‘Brickyard Atrium’, which is an actual atrium for a small office park. My photographer sister, Marian Gurry Stanton, came by and took several photos of me. She’s good, particularly at capturing me without a goofy grimace on my face (I freeze in front of a camera and often make crazy faces)….so here I am showing one of my landscapes, behind my table on which I have placed my colorful cards in colorful baskets (Maybe I overdid the colorful thing, having worn my blue pants, blue print top, and my new blue eyeglasses…thoughts, anyone?)…having fun.

And here I am with my cards:

Susan at Open Studio 2

One artist who makes monotypes set up right in the doorway, with art on the walls, on a table, in a holder, matted and in clear envelopes.  That was a smart move….people who entered the building were immediately drawn to her beautiful work, and often stopped there to chat. I am going to try to get a photo…the inks she uses are almost transparent and the colors are vivid….

Another artist paints and does portraits…she had two customers who asked for a sketch and she drew them in about 20 minutes…and a third artist was a photographer, selling her photos both on paper and on metal (what a great idea!).

Lots of people came in, looked , asked a few questions and walked away. People noticed more when I told them the landscapes were made of fabric, and several said, “What an unusual idea!”. No one bought them, though, although I sold about ten cards.

These are two of the artists with whom I sat down (the monotype printer was busy with a potential customer)…the portrait painter on the far left and the photographer in the middle….

Open Studio Artists

So I go back today from 12-5 (not 6, because we are taking my MIL out for Mother’s Day dinner at 6:00….) and am looking forward to it.

Another new adventure!





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