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Stress/Anxiety and Its Inverse Relationship to Sewing

I think that is the right word I am searching for (inverse). Last week, during the week of the Marathon bombing, when I found out that two of the seriously injured bystanders are related to a colleague of mine, and THEN finding out that the suspected bombers were two Cambridge kids….well, I was glued to the TV. Why did these kids do this? How could the younger one, who had embrace life in our city and in our high school, have done this? 

I grew up in Cambridge and went to the public high school; so did my husband, my daughters, my father and my mother-in-law. We have ties to this community, this diversity, and to the people who live here. The high school is incredibly diverse, and there are Haitian kids, Ethiopians, Pakistanis, and probably Greek and Italians. The school is 35% African-American, 10 or 11% Asian, Russian, and about 37% white. This is not a school for rich kids, although some do attend. Everyone is welcome there. So we are reeling from the fact that an otherwise nice kid who graduated in 2011 would put bombs in the street to kill whoever gets caught.

This is a great article about what we Cantabrigians are thinking:

But I digress. Last week I could barely sit to sew, normally such a calming activity for me. I made a few cards, but those were simple. I did not have to think to make them. I could not free myself from the anger and shame of the week, free myself up enough to have the energy to work. And I realized that my stress/anxiety level was ruining my sewing. Ruining my ‘me’ time. I simply could not put myself into my chair and turn my machine on.

So this week I am starting again. I have stopped staring at news casts, stopped looking for more information about this younger brother, stopped trying to understand it all. Because I never will. I never will understand how a young man can embrace a caring community like our local high school, and then commit murder less than two years later.

These boys were educated at the high school in social justice, acceptance, diversity, athletics, academics, and friendships. 

They educated themselves in hate.

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2 thoughts on “Stress/Anxiety and Its Inverse Relationship to Sewing

  1. shirley on said:

    Big hugs.

  2. I read your last two posts at the time they were posted, but didn’t know how to respond. It’s difficult doing everything right and yet something goes wrong. I have no answers, just wanted to acknowledge that I thought they were well written and thought provoking.

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