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My Town, My City, My Sport, My Boston

BatmanBostonWe returned from our weekend trip on Monday, April 15 at about 3 PM. As I got out of the car, I looked at my FB posts on my phone and saw something odd….people were posting about a bomb at the Marathon? Weird…obviously a hoax of some sort.


We immediately turned on the television and watched, and watched, and watched. The unthinkable had happened. Someone has tried to destroy the 117th Boston Marathon.

I am a former marathoner. Actually, I am probably a former runner, having chosen to bike and swim instead, although I am considering training for a 10K in October. Living my 20’s and 30’s and 40’s with runners of all types, we pay attention to the Marathon. We want to know who wins, in which place the first American came in (and remember, we watched through the years when the winner was Boston Billy, BIll Rodgers, our local hero. (and father of a college classmate of EC’s, Elyse)….How I longed some day to run Boston! I never did train for it because the dark and icy days and nights make it really hard to do those long runs when you work.

And this week I have been taking bike rides as I being to train for a 50-miler in early August, to support the PanMass Challenge, a fund-raiser for cancer. And after my bike rides, there’s more TV, newspaper reports, and radio to listen to about the bombing.

And I found out the son of a local guy who was a guidance counselor at our high school lost one of his legs in the explosion, and his wife was also seriously injured. There’s a web page for donations for Patrick and Jess, his wife…
So strange that the very people who were watching a road race ended up with injuries that involve losing lower limbs…..

So most of this week I was focused on the news coverage. This afternoon, I actually sat down at my machine and moved forward with some  silly TV and making cards. Soothing. Calming. Healing.

Boston Strong.

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One thought on “My Town, My City, My Sport, My Boston

  1. I too was surprised and then horrified at hearing the news of the Boston Marathon bombing. Of course like you Bob has run marathons including Boston, and when we were expecting our first child we attended the race and I was mistaken for Joan Benoit (would that I had her talent). Of course she won the first Olympic Women’s Marathon. Patriot’s Day was always a fun day with friends at the race and while I have never run a marathon I do appreciate what it takes to run one and can admire anyone who attempts it.

    My road racing is confined to a couple of 5ks each year and trying to score in the over 60 age group for women. I consider myself lucky to be able to run and compete. Runners are different but I understand the mindset and appreciate the shear joy of running. There really isn’t anything that compares to it. Walking and hiking as well as cycling are enjoyable for sure, but running will always win out for me.

    Having lived in Alston, Brighton and Dorchester along with working in downtown Boston, the city is a second home to me, and I pray for the recovery of all those injuried and the anticipation of next year’s race.

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