Sewing My Life Together

For The Time Being, I Am Writing My Life Together

(And it is not as rewarding as sewing).

So I have been absent from this blog for quite a while.   I did make a five-day trip to  Denver to visit my daughter (February 19-24)….Image

ImageBut I did not take a single photo of her )-:

And I did make some new cards this month:

ImageBut what I have been spending every night on has been:

1. Two online courses in special education (1) and Leadership (1). I am applying to renew my teaching licenses by June, 2013, and I needed about 200 Professional Development Points to submit to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education to maintain those certificates. These two courses will complete the 200 Professional Development Points I need, and I MUST complete them by March 19. You can see why I am squeezed for time.

2. Finalizing and proofing the article I am writing with two physicians about the evidence-based of the treatment I do, called DIR/Floortime. So, in between those two major undertakings, I do not have any time or energy to devote to being creative.


Tomorrow night, March 14,  our accountant comes to do our taxes. Sad and boring. He’s a nice guy, however,

Then Friday night we have a concert to attend, a baptism Saturday afternoon and Saturday night, and my MIL’s birthday dinner Sunday night.

I am tired just thinking of this weekend.

And this is what my dining room table looks like right now:Writing piles

And if it looks messy, dreary, and rather chaotic, that’s because it is. Working on this article is extraordinarily time-consuming; I am doing all the research and writing. My two colleagues simply comment. Why am I doing it? Because it has to be done and I came up with the idea. Silly me.

So, for now and probably into next week, there will be no sewing…..if I knew how to insert a sad face here, I would.

Oh yes and my printer is not working either.

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2 thoughts on “For The Time Being, I Am Writing My Life Together

  1. shirley on said:

    Busy, busy! Hang in there! (Excited to hear about the article…)

  2. But your topic is impressive and will be of value to others… I did take pictures of EC in London, I should go back and find them for you and send them to you…

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