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A Funny Thing Happened….

Several months ago I purchased a book called, “Beyond the Horizon”,  written by Valerie Hearder, a well-known fabric landscape artist. Well, if you’ve been reading this blog I took a landscape workshop several months ago and have been ‘practicing’ landscapes for about 5 months, not having read this book.  Last week I decided it was about time I read the book. Then a funny thing happened.  I got through Chapter 4, took notes, closed the book and walked away from my sewing machine. Too many rules.  Too many things to think about in creating a ‘perfect landscape’. And I stayed away from my machine for many days.

The photos in the book are inspiring, but I felt weighed down by all the words and rules. I felt I could never measure up. So I then started making cards again, and I made about twenty of them. There are no rules for cards (at least that I know of!). I REALLY love making each one as if it is a piece of art, a portable piece of art. I never make two exactly the same way. These are a couple of the newest ones. I found some gold 4 x 6 cards, and matched up warm colors with ribbons and beads. I really like them.


I find making these to be so satisfying. 

And then I threw all caution to the woods,  and got out fabric for a new landscape. And decided to ignore the rules except for what looks and feels right to me.  I started this one to be an 8 x10, but used a ‘frame’ to find the best spots and decided a 4 x 6 would be a better size. So I will make several more with different colors and styles, then bring them to the frame store to be matted and framed.


The next one will have slightly different dimensions….and no rules. 

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4 thoughts on “A Funny Thing Happened….

  1. Ooh, good idea to use a frame to figure out the “sweet” spot. I should try that with some of my photos…

  2. I don’t like rules either when it comes to being creative. I like your results!

  3. I think you made a good choice by putting the book down. It is nice to know how other people think and create, and sometimes we use a suggestion here or there, but we have to do our own thing, learn our own way, and be our own creative selves, because we are all different. Art mimics life. –And I think your landscapes are very zen.

  4. These are beautiful. You done good.

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