Sewing My Life Together

Sewing As Self-Regulation

I did a little more sewing yesterday in the middle of gift wrapping. I’ve also been reading a lot of blogs about autism, co-regulation (in which the parent or caretaker carefully calms herself down while rocking or soothing the baby) and self-regulation (the capacity of an infant to soothe himself while crying himself to sleep…there’s a lot of controversy about that).

And I realized that for me, sewing is about self-regulation as much as anything else. Of course, it is also about trying to create new things, improve my techniques, and crafting, but it is also how I self-soothe. I have a worry about something? I want to sew. I am uncomfortable with something? I want to sew. I need to relax? I want to sew.


I do not really want to say this, but it is also an escape. And I am not proud of that. An escape from the drudgery of chores, work, relationships, and just plain living. And I like it for that!



So here is what I have been working on. I am going to be in a crafts fair on Friday the 21st, which means I have to go into ‘production’ mode. I need things to display and sell. And I do not like ‘production’. It’s too much like work. For this craft fair, I have been making a bunch of new cards. And I wanted some other items to sell.  So here are a few new items I have made.


Lavender sachet single



Lavender sachet single1



These are small lavender sachets, tied in a pair of two and wrapped with a ribbon. I also used buttons from my stash (this fabric came as a gift to me from a friend who was clearing out her library before she retired). So far I have made ten. (This will be a small craft fair with mostly parents of kids from my mostly-urban and poor school). I am thinking of selling them for $5.00 a pair. They smell wonderful and are not too bad to look at. I bought Lavender Flowers at our local natural food store and ground them up in my coffee grinder at home. Needless to say, my sewing area smells lovely!

So much for self-regulation. Do other people feel this way about their sewing?






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One thought on “Sewing As Self-Regulation

  1. You have so many great ideas for projects! Regarding an escape, I think my sewing is more meditative than therapeutic, but there’s probably a fine line between the two. I’m not sure what my therapeutic would be…sitting outside watching the leaves blow in the wind, perhaps?

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