Sewing My Life Together

Taking a People Break

Well, I am usually a people person but all that family togetherness over the holidays were somewhat stressful….so on Saturday and some of Sunday I took a ‘people ‘break’. I sat at my sewing machine, and dyed some more fabrics, and made a couple of thins. Nothing fancy, and I did not want to start cutting out a bigger project, so instead I made a couple of more landscapes and finished the five pouches I wanted to make as Christmas gifts.

These are little pouches from a book I own. I am making them for Christmas gifts for co-workers. I decorated them with hand-sewn beads and button.

What I love is the peacefulness of sewing…making straight lines, hand-sewing beads and buttons, putting colors together and coming up with a unique project. Sometimes I like starting a big project, like a quilt, and sometimes when I want to relax I prefer to make small things. These past few days were definitely about making small things.

This is just a different view. I have to buy a real camera and stop using my phone. Oh,the name of the book is “Bend The Rules Sewing” by Amy Karol. It has great ideas in it.

I sat and as I sewed, making a mess of my sewing area (see photo below), it just felt all was right in the world. I didn’t need to make art, or anything big and creative, I just had to keep going with what I was doing.

I find I feel most creative when I make a (somewhat organized) mess….I pile the fabric and notions I need right to the left of my machine, and pull out what I need at the moment I need it.

And can you see the little ribbon of leave at the top right? Well, I used a slightly different color of leaves for the following project:

This photo is bad but if you look closely you will see a small row of light green leaves stitched into this landscape. I also loved putting it into this red frame. This is also a holiday gift.


And so I spent a very satisfying day. Went out that night with my husband to see, “Lincoln”, the movie, and fell asleep calm and contented.


This is one of the things I love about sewing.









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3 thoughts on “Taking a People Break

  1. Shirley on said:

    Ahh. That was a relaxing post to read 🙂

  2. Love the bags and I can totally relate to the need for some quiet time, alone with my fabric!

  3. I love the escape of sewing…and those bags!

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