Sewing My Life Together

Today It’s All About the Relaxing….

Whew…in my business, that of supporting children with autism, the shorter weeks are often the most stressful. Schedule changes and short weeks confuse the children and they often act out, the teachers are most stressed, the families are stressed (Because their children, usually in school for 8 hours a day, are now going to be with them at home with no structure for 4 and a half days….)…

And then there were the hard discussions today about inclusion, kids who disrupt or distract others, make noises, yell and so forth in assemblies….one teacher is really argumentative about the need for a substantially separate class for the children with autism and NOT having them in inclusion….it was a hard day.

So after school today it was all about relaxing. I put on the TV, sat down at my sewing table and thought about what to do. Then I decided….Handsewing! I have dyed a few silk blanks for scarves, so today I hand-sewed the decorations….on one scarf for about 2 hours…

Purple silk scarf with hand-sewn ribbon and beads.

A different view

Ahhhh! So relaxing….and then I added the final touches on the hostess gift I am bringing to my sister-in-law’s tomorrow:

Batik landscape framed.


I hope she likes it!




So here’s to more relaxing tonight and tomorrow. Thankfully, I am not cooking…have a great Thanksgiving!
















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One thought on “Today It’s All About the Relaxing….

  1. Relaxes me to gaze upon your beautiful projects. Have a wonderful holiday!

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