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Possibly Entering the Forest: I Am Looking at A Bernina!


Wow. In a discussion with a fellow quilter, she mentioned that she uses a Bernina….and I was fascinated.  I use a small Kenmore (made by Sears) that I bought about five years ago for about $350.00…and never thought twice about it. Yes, the needle threader no longer works and the bobbin winder is loose…occassionally some stitches skip and I have to clean out the lint that has accumulated, but it never occurred to me to think about a more ‘mature’ machine with more gadgets and whistles….


So, I went to the Bernina web site and was absolutely blown away…how in the world does a person make a decision about buying one of these machines? There are so many different versions….and they are also very expensive.



Take a look here:

I’d love to hear from some of you about what you use and why you chose what you did..






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One thought on “Possibly Entering the Forest: I Am Looking at A Bernina!

  1. I just checked Consumer Reports. They are still highly recommend the Bernina 230. If you want to embroider also, they recommend the Bernina Aurora 430 and the Bernina 440QE. They have quite a few Janomes on the list as well.

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