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When In Doubt, Dye and/or Print on Fabric

Well, I had planned to sew today but since yesterday when I posted that I was not terribly ‘inspired’ by any particular project, although I did sew a couple of small clutches, I wasn’t sure what to do.  So today I got out my paints and dyes and a linen-like fabric and went to town. When I was sewing the clutches, I had a thought: “What if I sew these with my own dyed fabric?” So I think that is what I am going to try…

So, this afternoon, with my computer on and watching “Revenge” and then “Call the Midwife”, I happily used stencils and rollers to create patterns….and I like what I did. Here are some examples:



When I print on fabric, after a few lengths of fabric and painting and printing, I get bored so I try different shapes and sizes and colors….but I do think if I want to sew with my own printed fabric, I am going to have to get past that boredom and print more longer lengths….now I have to wait until it dries, then heat set it, then cut and get ready to sew. I love the way the paint sits on this linen-like fabric (I don’t remember where I got it; it may have been a gift or a purchase somewhere along the line.

And I have a confession: I do my crafts and sewing in my bedroom. I do not have a studio. I am reluctant to turn one of our rooms into a studio because I do not know how far I am going to take this ‘hobby’. I don’t even know if I am even good at any of this, so it seems silly to spend a lot of money renovating a room into a studio…so I go to bed at night with fabric drying, draped all over my chairs and ironing board, and although I can live with it, I certainly do not like the way it looks….and I do not want to get rid of our family room, and my daughers are back and forth in their bedrooms….so I guess I am stuck with what I have right now.




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8 thoughts on “When In Doubt, Dye and/or Print on Fabric

  1. I read your prior post this morning and didn’t have time to comment as I, unfortunately, did not have the holiday. I was going to say that creative thoughts arrive when you least expect them and don’t often when you want them. So the best thing to do is plug along with the less creative aspect until light dawns, but looks like you’re set, that’s what happened. I have my ‘studio’ supplies/machine on wheels (Container Store) so when C. comes home, everything is rolled into a closet…but in the next year or so I’m taking over! I wish I knew how to make my own fabric designs!

  2. I should have said 3 sets of drawers…

  3. I am having trouble visualizing this. Could you send me a photo, if it is not too much trouble? Thanks.

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  5. Sorry, I just saw this. I’ll take some photos later in the week. I’m not saying it is neat but it cleans up well!

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