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Not Really Feelin’ It Right Now

Yesterday afternoon I sat down to work…and came up with nothing! I had ideas for projects, but no ‘oomph’ in my spirit….so I dyed a couple of silks carves, ironed and heat-set some fabric I had printed upon, but I started nothing. Oh, I take that back. I did take a silk shawl I had previously dyed and tried to paint on it. It didn’t work. I used a couple of stencils, and tried using silk dye (but this ran all over the scarf) and then I tried textile paint but that also bled… I put it in another color dye and will see what that looksl ike tomorrow.

I also looked through some books and patterns, but what I was really reluctant to do was cut out pieces….That is the part of sewing/quilting that I really dislike. So I started small today, and am making some gifts for Christmas.


So tonight I will finish a second one and then get around to printing on more fabric…I am not sure what my strengths are/is right now, but I am trying to just ‘go with the flow’. What do other do when this happens?Image

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2 thoughts on “Not Really Feelin’ It Right Now

  1. And I like this, but I can’t tell what size it is…is it for a computer or iPad or nook? This will look great in your own fabric.

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