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What I Am Working On Now….


In the midst of taking several online courses to maintain my educational certificates (due by June, 2013), I have several projects going.

Recently I wrote about my exciting ‘secret’ project. Well, I failed to get a final photo of the pillow I made for a great friend’s 60th birthday, but here is the fabric I used:


She and I are great Bruce Springsteen fans and we love many of the same lyrics. So, I printed some of those lyrics on linen fabric, trimmed and appliqued them to this linen that I had hand-stamped in similar colors….some are lyrics that she and her late husband loved, and all three of us love/loved “It ain’t no sin to be glad you’re alive” ….so I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED making this. She was thrilled as well…I love making things for people and it is rare that I get such a perfect inspiration….as someone at our Book Club 60th birthday party, “it’s so personal!”. And yes, I wished I could have made things so personal for my other Book Club 60th birthday party friends, but inspiration. And that is something that you cannot plan for.

So, now I am taking a course on painting, dying, and using stencils on fabric. I love it. Truly this is a creative process, and it is the process I am loving. I have been trying to get the right colors for making a landscape and this task is really a process of trying, adjusting, and trying again. I am combining colors because the colors of greens and browns that I can purchase are not the colors that I see in my head. I spent two weeks trying to find the right browns and the right textures. and I am finally fairly satisfied:


“Patterns”…using a stencil…

And here is another, also using a stencil and experimenting with greens and browns…Image

Finally, here are some still ‘fluid’ attempts at small landscapes.

This one is with commercially-available fabrics:Image

And this one is still in process until I get the colors right, but with printed/painted/dyed fabrics:


I can’t say I prefer one over another, but as I said, right now I am enjoying the process. Working without a pattern, trying things, making small changes, big changes, and then watching the results.

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6 thoughts on “What I Am Working On Now….

  1. Shirley on said:

    What a wonderful gift!! For your friend and for you 🙂 The fabrics you are making are wonderful, too. So glad you are enjoying the process.

  2. I love it when inspiration hits. What a wonderful idea for a gift. Where are you taking the fabric painting classes.

    • Hi Janet,

      I am taking the class at the Arlington Center for the Arts. I had the great pleasure of meeting a fellow Cantabrigian named Linch Branch Dunn who is a fabric artist…and she is teaching the class. It was only for 4 weeks but we learned a lot. Check out her blog at

  3. I love both the landscapes. Try a little very watered down dynaflow on top of your printing/stenciling — Tinting the white will soften the contrast and might take you closer to what you’re looking for.

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