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I Am Not Happy With This Result

When I started this blog, I said that I wanted to talk about not just the pretty, successful things I’ve sewn, but also to talk about the challenges and the mistakes. And here is what I am working on that I am NOT satisfied with:

I can’t tell if it is the colors, the lumpy sewing, or the design that has turned me off to this project.

I said in a previous post that I was attending a hand-appliqued landscape class, which I did. The instructor’s work was breath-taking. However,  clearly my work is not.  I spent quite a bit of time ‘auditioning’ these fabrics, trying to find shapes and patterns that were complementary. This was the best I could do. I realize my stash is quite limited in complementary colors and limited in colors, period.  I also realize that Jo Diggs, the instructor, has an art degree and has been creating landscapes for 30 years.

My hand-applique technique is quite sloppy also….I did spend several hours on this. Jo uses silk thread and I only had cotton or polyester thread, so that’s what I used. I know I need to ‘frame’ this with black strips to see how it looks smaller and without the unfinished edges….but I am not sure if I should continue. Do I continue to ‘practice’ landscapes in my limited sewing time? I do want to try to explore my more creative side. Do I shop for specific colors? Audition colors in the fabric store?  Go back to making blocks from patterns, and assume I am not creative enough to make ‘art’?  I am purposefully spending a year or two trying new things….painting on fabric, landscapes, applique, quilts from patterns, T-shirt quilts, Block of the Month and baby quilts to see what I like best and what  I am best at. Since I like making fabric cards so much, I thought I would like making these little landscapes….but now I am not so sure. And in the past two nights I have had outside commitments so I have not sat down to sew again, and last weekend I spent one day gardening.

So…what to do?

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2 thoughts on “I Am Not Happy With This Result

  1. I think that if it is only the result you’re not happy with, then give it more time. If you just don’t like doing it, then move on to something else and cross that off your list. IMO only.

    • I liked doing it, but was unhappy with the colors and stitching….I recently did a couple of others more recently that I like better. I did one with batiks, which I like better because I’m not trying to duplicate a real-life scene…and I do like working on small projects. I want to go buy some very colorful fabrics and try some ‘fantastic’ landscapes. Thanks for responding!

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